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Maureen Inglis Consulting aims to increase individual and organisational effectiveness through proven techniques and strategies.

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Conflict Management

Chances are you’ve been a part of some kind of workplace conflict in the past. Think back to the disruption it caused to your workflow and efficiency. It’s almost impossible to focus on a job when disharmony and stress are present on your team. Therefore, it is important to seek resolution, not just contain the issues and try to forget about them.

When handled in a respectful way, conflict provides an opportunity for growth. Maureen aims to minimise the impact of workplace conflict on productivity, performance, and workplace relationships. With her help, your company can be a safe place where your employees can happily work without distraction.
colleagues settling conflict
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Facilitation can assist the flow of meetings. It helps team members feel heard, appreciated, and safe. Successful communication within a team can increase efficiency and help you use your time in an effective and productive way.


When faced with difficult issues in life it is unlikely we perform at our best. Counselling is a valuable strategy for getting people back to productivity. In addition to more conventional counselling, Maureen uses a range of energy approaches which benefit client’s health and well-being.
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Critical Incident Debriefing

Critical incident/trauma debriefing is important for people to 'get back on centre' after a distressing experience. Don’t let the mental and emotional aftermath of these events cause even more damage. 
Maureen can help people heal trauma and move on.

If you have questions about these services, feel free to call to receive answers or set up a visit. Maureen is ready and willing to help.
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